Infix Pro PDF Editor can redact all occurrences of words and phrases throughout a document. This redaction is deep and also occurs in bookmarks, comments and any other meta-data contained within the document.

  1. Choose:
    1. Edit->Find & Redact... 
    2. or press Ctrl+Alt+R
    3. or press Redact All Tool Button on the tool-bar (View->Toolbars->Redact)
  2. Enter the text you wish to redact into the Redact: box.
    Infix Find and Redact Text dialogue box
    If text is selected using the Text tool (Text Tool Button) when you open the dialog, it text will be copied into the Redact: box for you.
  3. Click on Whole words if you need to match complete words and not fragments. If not ticked, rainbow will match rainbows as well as this case rainbow would 
  4. Click on Use Wildcards to use simple wildcard characters in your search
    1. ? - matches a single character e.g. Hole? would match Hole9
    2. * - matches any number of characters e.g. ice* would match ice, iced, iceland
    3. + - matches one or more characters e.g. ice+ would match iced, iceland but not ice.
  5. Press Style... to change the way the redaction will look. See Redaction style
  6. Press Redact Next to do one redaction at a time. This enables you to check each one.
  7. Press Redact All to perform all redactions automatically.
  • The redaction becomes permanent only after the document is saved.