To convert any document to PDF, print it using the Infix PDF Printer.

  • Open the document in the application you normally use to view it.
  • Print the document and choose Infix PDF as the printer to use.
  • If you do not see Infix PDF listed as an available printer it may be that you did not choose to install it when you installed Infix - it is an optional feature.
  • See “Re-installing the Infix PDF Printer” below.
  • To change the paper-size used for the final PDF, press Preferences... then Advanced...
  • After printing has finished, Infix will open showing the new PDF created. The new PDF may be edited and saved as normal.

Re-installing the Infix PDF Printer

Make sure Infix is not running then run the Infix installer again.

If you need to download a copy, it will be available on the support page of Iceni’s website:

Make sure you choose to install the Infix PDF Printer by ticking the checkbox on the 5th screen of the installer.

Infix Install Infix PDF Printer dialogue box

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