To ensure that a PDF prints correctly and avoid any possibility of font problems at the printer, you can convert text to vector outlines. This has the added benefit of removing all real text from the PDF meaning that TransPDF will then run OCR on it when you upload it for translation.

  1. To covert text to outlines choose Text->Create Outlines
  2. Choose a file-name for the new PDF that will be created.
  • Converted text will no longer be editable or searchable by Infix or any other application without the intervention of  OCR
  • Outlined characters will not benefit from font hinting which is used when viewing at low resolutions. However, at the kind of resolutions used by printers, font hinting is not necessary.
  • After conversion, you are guaranteed to avoid all font related printing problems since fonts will no longer play a part in the PDF (it will just be pages of vector art).
  • The conversion encompasses all text across all pages of the PDF and cannot be undone.