1. Ensure the commenting toolbar is available (View->Toolbars->Commenting)
  2. Click on on of the graphical note tools (Commenting toolbar) on the commenting toolbar.
  3. If you have not already set up a user name using File->Preferences..., Infix will now ask you to supply one
    Set up user name dialogue box
    This user name will be recorded in each sticky note (or other comment) you make.
  4. Draw the shape:
    • Draw box tool icon, Draw circle tool icon,Draw line tool icon - drag out a box depicting the final size of the shape. Hold down the Shift key whilst dragging to create a perfect circle or square.
    • New line segment tool icon - click on the page to start a new line segment connected to the previous one. Double click to finish the polygon.
    • Freehand shape tool icon - whilst holding down the left mouse button, draw your freehand shape on the page.
    • Drag straight line tool icon - click on the page and drag out a straight line. Hold Shift whilst dragging to limit the line angle to multiples of 45 degrees.
  1. Double-click on the outline just created to open the associated note window.