You can tell Infix to load any number of user-defined stamps from a specific folder either on your computer or on a network drive (in order to share stamps between users).

Your stamps should be single-page PDFs and can be created in any application that produces PDFs including Infix.

  1. Create a folder for storing all of your stamp PDF files.
    In the next step, Infix will load all PDFs it finds in that folder and treat them as user-defined stamps.
  2. Choose File->Preferences: and press the Editing tab
    Infix Preferences Stamps folder dialogue box
  3. Enter the location of your stamps folder in the User-defined stamps folder edit box or press the browse button (Browse button)to choose a location
  4. When you press OK, the folder with be scanned for PDFs and any found will be listed in the User-defined sub-menu of the Stamp tool (Stamp tool icon) button in the toolbar.
    The filename given to each stamp you create is used as the menu title in the User-defined stamps, sub-menu.
  • Use Drawing tools (View->Toolbars->Drawing) to create the artwork for stamps, not the commenting tools. You can’t create a stamp using annotations or other stamps!
  • You can use the demo version of Infix to create stamps.
  • The user defined stamps folder is re-scanned every time the software starts.