Access this pane from File->Preferences.... on the Spelling tab

  • Language
    This specifies the language to use for spell-checking and for hyphenation.
    It is important that this setting always matches the language in your PDF document. If it does not, the spellchecker will be ineffective and the reflow of your text will not work correctly.
    Infix ships with only UK and USA English language spelling dictionaries but does include all hyphenation dictionaries. If you choose a non-English language Infix will ask you if you wish to download the installer from Iceni’s website.
    Though checked by Iceni, these installers are prepared by third parties and install the spelling data required by the ASpell system used by Infix. If you have access to more up-to-date spelling dictionaries, then these can be used instead of the ones hosted on Iceni’s website.
  • Ignore words in UPPERCASE
    Instructs the spell-checker system to skip words consisting of all upper-case letters.
  • Ignore words with numbers
    Instructs the spell-checker system to skip words that contain numbers such as “HT4”
  • Hyphenate words
    To better fit text within its text box, infix will hyphenate certain words according to language-specific hyphenation rules. This is mainly used on fully-justified paragraphs but can also affect normally justified text. Disabling this feature will have a document-wide effect.
    To disable hyphenation on a per-paragraph basis, press the right-mouse button when editing the paragraph and choose Disable hyphenation.
  • User Interface language
    The software is available in a number of different languages. If this drop-down menu does not list the language you require, please re-install the software. During installation, you will be prompted to choose the user interface language to be installed.
    If you do not have a copy of the installer, please download the latest Infix demo from Iceni’s website.
    If you are using an older version of the software, you can download a copy from the support page.

English Spelling Dictionaries

English UK and US are always included when Infix installs.

If for some reason you cannot select either of these languages without Infix prompting you to download the dictionary, you will have to re-install Infix. To do this download a copy of the latest version from our website and install.