Infix Pro PDF Editor can re-sample images to make the overall PDF size smaller and quicker to load.

  • To re-sample multiple images:
    1. choose Object->Images->Resample...
  • To re-sample specific images:
    1. select the images using the Object tool ()
    2. right-click the mouse and choose Image->Resample...

The Resample Images dialog offers a similar set of options for the three classes of images - colour, grey-scale and monochrome.

  • Converting colour images to grey-scale will reduce the overall size of the PDF file.
  • JPEG compression is a “lossy” format well suited to colour and grey-scale photographs. When choosing JPEG, you can set the quality of the compressed image anywhere from 1% (worst quality / smallest image size) to 100% (best quality / largest image size).
  • PNG is a loss-less compression method better suited to colour and grey-scale diagrams, charts and line drawings.
  • Remove all hidden (clipped) image data
    Removes the hidden parts of images that are painted through a clipping mask. Depending upon how the PDF was made, this can reduce the overall size of the PDF quite dramatically.