To obtain the best results when exporting tabular information, Infix Pro PDF Editor needs to be told which areas to treat as tables. Without this information, table are treated as normal paragraphs and columns resulting in poor output.

Marking up a table

  1. Navigate to the table to be marked up.
  2. Click the Link tool (Link tool icon) on the main toolbar.
  3. Carefully drag-out a box around the table. Exclude any non-essential text (such as captions) that could confuse the analysis process.
    After marking out the table, the Link Properties dialog box will appear.
  4. Change the Link Type: pop-up to Iceni Table Box.
  5. Enter a title for the table in the Label: edit box. This may be included in the output, depending upon the format you choose.
  6. Change the Pages: option to repeat this mark-up across a range of pages. This is useful if your document contains similar tables in the same location across several pages.
  7. Infix Pro PDF Editor will look at the appearance of the tabular area, including any borders used to delineate rows and columns. In some cases, it may be best to ignore these lines and analyse only the non-graphical content in order to discern the structure of the table. In this case, tick Ignore borders....
  8. Press OK.
    Infix Pro PDF Editor will then display the table link box together with its label (if there is room).