Manually trim the size of a range of pages using the crop tool. Cropping does not remove anything from a PDF, it just limits what is displayed by PDF viewers and printers.

  1. Choose the Crop Tool (Crop tool button) from the tool-bar.
  2. Drag-out a box to represent the area that will remain after cropping. You do not need to drag out exactly the right shape since you can resize the box after the initial drag.
    When you are happy with the area covered, press Return on the keyboard.
  3. Specify the range of pages you want cropped.
  4. If the Set Page Media Box check-box is checked, the /MediaBox value will changed to reflect the new crop. This is not required for most users.
  5. Press OK to perform the crop.
  6. You can undo a crop by choosing Pages->Remove Crop...