You can use a grid to help when aligning objects on a page. When displayed, this grid makes your pages look like graph paper. You can also make objects ‘snap’ to the lines of the grid when you move them.

Choose View->Grid & Guides->Show Grid to display the grid.

The distance between grid lines and the snapping behaviour can be controlled by you.

The grid has major (darker) and minor (lighter) grid-lines.


To make objects “snap” to the grid lines when creating, moving or resizing, choose View->Grid & Guides->Snap to Grid

Grid Spacing

Choose View->Grid & Guides->Grid Spacing...

Infix screenshot - Grid spacing dialogue box

  • Spacing is the distance between the major (darker) grid lines.
  • Control the number of minor (lighter) grid-lines by specifying a value for Divided into:
  • The visibility and spacing of the grid are stored in the PDF and will be used (by Infix only) next time the PDF is opened.
  • If visible, grids will be included when printing a document.
  • To change the units used for the grid, choose File->Preferences... and click on the Editing tab.