When exporting a page as HTML or RTF, you may want part of a page to appear as an image.
 Infix does this automatically for embedded images and photographs. However when it comes to graphics made from line-drawings, you need to specify the area that forms the drawing. This is because in PDF,  there is no means of determining which parts of a page are an illustration and which are normal text contents.

How do you tell graphics from photographs?

It can sometimes be difficult to tell if an illustration is a photograph or drawn in the PDF using lines and polygons. The distinction is important since it effects how the illustration is exported.

  1. Choose View->Outlines
    All images will be replaced by rectangles and graphics will be shown in outline only. It should then be more obvious what was an image and what was vector-based artwork.
  2. Choose View->Outlines again to switch back to normal (preview) mode.
  3. You can quickly switch between the two views by double-clicking on the Preview label in the status bar.
    Example PDF - Outline
    Double click the circled area of the status bar to toggle between outline/preview mode.

Marking up an image for inclusion in exports

  1. Click the Link tool (Link tool icon) on the main toolbar.
  2. Carefully drag out a box around the area to be exported.
    Everything included within the rectangle you make will be rendered by Infix and included in the export.
  3. After marking out the image, the Link Properties dialog box will appear.
  4. Change the Type: pop-up to Iceni Image Box.
  5. Enter a title for the image in the Label: box. This is used during export in HTML based formats.
  6. You can now choose to repeat this markup across a range of pages. This is useful if your document contains a similar image, repeated across several pages.
  7. Press OK
  8. The area is displayed by Infix together with its label.

    Example of an illustration marked-up and named with an image box.
    The name will be used in the HTML/EPUB output of the page.
  9. When you next export the document or page, the illustration will be converted to an image and output along with the rest of the page.