Link text boxes together to allow seamless editing across them all. The text boxes will remain linked together even after you close and re-open the PDF provided Store layout in PDF is enabled.

  1. Select the Linked text (Text 123 button) tool from the toolbar.
  2. Click the mouse in the middle of each column you wish to link together.
    The text box will highlight and a number will be displayed in the middle. This number shows the order in which text will flow between the boxes.
  3. Click the same box twice to remove it from the flow.
  4. Keep adding further boxes by clicking the mouse. You can change pages and add text from different pages to the flow.
  5. To start a new, separate chain of boxes click (using the Text 123 button tool) in a non-text or empty area of the page.
    Currently linked text boxes will be re-drawn with no numbering. Then repeat from step 2 onwards.
  6. When you are ready to begin editing select the Text tool (Text tool button) from the toolbar.
  • Prior to linking text boxes, every box ends with a paragraph break. When linked together, Infix Pro PDF Editor looks to see if those breaks are necessary or a consequence of the text breaking across boxes and removes those it thinks are not required. This is only an educated guess so you may find a lingering paragraph break where none is needed. After reflow, this paragraph break may end up somewhere in the middle of an adjacent text box. Remove them to restore the original flow.
  • When linking text boxes the text is not immediately reflowed and should look no different. However, when you reload a document with linked boxes and begin to edit, those boxes are reflowed prior to your first edit. It is at this point that you may see reflow issues for the first time.