Use the Character Palette dialog to insert characters that are difficult to enter directly from the keyboard or to inspect the selection of characters offered by a specific font.

  1. Click on some text to begin editing using the Text tool (Text tool button)
  2. Choose Text->Character Palette...
    Infix Character Palette dialogue box
  3. Use the font menu at the top of the dialog box to choose the required font from
    the PDF’s fonts or from your computer’s system fonts. 
  4. Click on a glyph (character shape) to select it and view it's properties:
    • Glyph: name as used in the PDF (not always available)
    • Character: official Unicode description
    • Font: type of the font from which it comes
  1. Double-click to insert it into the PDF.
  2. Press Remap... to re-define the meaning of badly mapped glyphs.