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Export for Translation

When I export for Translation from a PDF document, I obtain the following ( a sample extract from the .xml file);

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<DOC id='Excel - Advanced Filter and Validation - Copy.pdf'>
<P id='1'><span style='font-family:ArialBold'><strong><span style='font-size:10pt'><span style='color:#0000cc'><span style='colid:1'>Excel Advanced Filter

<P id='2'><span style='font-family:Verdana'><span style='font-size:10.1pt'><span style='color:#333333'><span style='colid:2'>Use an Advanced Filter in Excel to create a list of unique items, or to extract specific


The question is, when I change:
     'font-family:Verdana' to 'font-family:Arial'
    'font-size:10.1pt' to 'font-size:10pt'

and then re-import the .xml file, not all the edits take effect.
How can I edit the pdf/.xml file so that all edits of font and size are taken up when importing the .xml changes?


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Re: Export for Translation

We only intended users to edit the text content of the XML produced by translation export, not the formatting. This is something we have not tried before.

Can you send us a PDF that has been exported (& saved with text field tags), the XML exported and the XML you are then trying to import back into it? We will then look into the problem further to see what can be done.


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