User Feedback – “very intuitive program”

Having recently retired from dentistry, I decided to look for part-time employment with a local business. As part of the process, I have had to produce a number of documents such as cover letters and resumes for prospective employers. I have found that the PDF format works best for me from the standpoint of maintaining the desired appearance, layout, and content as originally conceived.
As a detail person, I found myself going back and trying to revise the text or make graphical changes to improve the quality of the documents. This was certainly made much easier once I discovered Infix PDF Editor which enabled me to make the changes I needed directly on the original source (as simple as word processing).
All the other PDF editors that I had tried, required changing the format to either a Word or Txt document in order to make any changes. This was then followed by saving and reformatting back to the original, which was not an easy task and sometimes proved difficult when, as in several instances, it became necessary to start over again.
I am indeed thankful for this very intuitive program which I use on a Mac but works equally well on Windows.
– Jay Auerbach

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