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PDFs Are Popular In Social Networking, So Make One

With the advances of social networking, one can have their presence spread around the world.  With the potential of meeting hundreds, if not thousands, of people virtually, the same old question is asked over and over: “What do you do?”

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Business Solution for Company URL Changes in PDF files

Changing the company website URL does not often happen, but when it does it can turn into a real headache if you have a lot of PDFs with URLs in them.  That means someone has to update all the company PDF files with the proper links.

This can be a long manual procedure unless you have a program that can automate the process.  Here is how you can process huge numbers of PDF files without needing access to the original Word or PowerPoint files from which the PDFs were created.  Continue reading

PDF Files Are Perfect For the Construction Business

The construction business has felt the economic crunch in these tough times.  Every effort is being made to trim expenses and to try and preserve the bottom line or mitigate losses.

One such expense is paper.  Not the news kind but the myriad of forms, drawings, notes sketches, prints and documentation needed on a daily basis.

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Make Your PDF Documents Visible To Search Engines

Your PDF file that you want to become viral may not always be found.  In this article we will tell you how to make your PDF findable and spider-friendly.

Just about every web page that exists can be found if you do a proper search.  You may find one of your pages in the 965,736,836th page in a Google search, but it is definitely there unless you instructed the search engines to ignore it.  Since not all search engines (spiders) pay attention to your requests, so you may still may find your web page among those indexed.

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Will Crocodoc win the PDF battle

Crocodoc – The Latest In PDF Viewing


The PDF editing and viewing giant Adobe may be facing their biggest ever challenge in the face of the up and coming PDF software giant Crocodoc. But what is Crocodoc? Who are they and are they really a worthy competitor to Adobe’s PDF crown?


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Locking your PDFs ensures security and protection

5 Benefits Of Locking PDFS

PDFs are an important tool in the modern business world and if you haven’t invested in a PDF editor, you may be exposed to a number of risks. This software can save money, increase productivity but more importantly, it can also boost security. These are all important considerations for us at Iceni this is probably just the same in your office!


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PDFs can be used to promote your company all over the world

Using PDFs for Marketing


  • What sets you and your business apart from everybody else?
  • Why should people use your services rather than other companies doing the same thing?
  • How does your pricing compare to your competitors?
  • How are you going to let everybody know the answer to these questions? Marketing.


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The Adobe suite has recently had a makeover

What The New Adobe Updates Mean For You

The technology world has been set alight again recently by old hands Adobe, with the announcement of a host of new products and several improvements to existing products. There hasn’t been such a shake-up since 2008, when Adobe announced that PDF was becoming an open standard program (meaning that software companies could write programs that would let you edit a PDF as easily as if you were using a word processor).



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PDF editing means no more red lines on a report!

The ABC of PDFs

The Portable Document Format (PDF) from Adobe is something that we have all heard of, but possibly few of us grasp the true power of what a PDF can do. We all know where a Word document comes from; it comes from Word (obviously), but not many people understand the PDF and where it comes from, or what you can do with it once you’ve got one open.

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