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Three of the biggest benefits of using Infix PDF Editor

Picking the right PDF editor for your needs can be a tricky and daunting task!

Here are three of the benefits of using Infix PDF Editor for all of your editing needs….


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Should you have PDF downloadables on your site?


When you are creating a site, or adding content to your current site, think about the user and the content you are offering. Would it be easier for the user to view if it was in a downloadable PDF format?

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Why Do People Use PDF?

Portable Document Format or PDF software is very popular for a variety of reasons, some of which are the very reasons for which they often require specific editing software! Below, we take a look at the common reasons for using the PDF format, which will more than explained why it is so well used: Continue reading

Freelance PDF Translation with Infix

As a freelance translator, I struggled for years with PDF-to-Word converters (I’ve tried them all, and there are many) and had mixed results, but the clean-up process was invariably time-consuming, having to run macros and specialized software, and get rid of pesky tags…

But with Infix, I can simply export all the text within a PDF to simple XML for easy processing in my CAT software. Even the most complex page layouts are supported.

When I brought up a minor issue with the program, support got back to me immediately – and great, fast, reliable support is a huge relief in my business, where every minute counts.

Iceni Infix is a unique offering in the plethora of PDF applications, it stands out as the de-facto best way to handle them as a freelance translator.

Many thanks to the team for an amazing product!

– Marc Rizkallah

Infix – boldly editing PDF where others fears to tread

How can Infix make it so easy to search and replace occurrences in a PDF file but Adobe can not?
Wait, didn’t Adobe create the PDF format? That would be like another soda company improving on Coke and Pepsi.
Why am I even asking when it took care of my search/replace in about 3 seconds! Amazing.
I have used a plethora of “PDF” editing [applications] but so far, this has been the easiest that I have ever used and before today, I had never heard of this product.
I am going to tell all my friends and associates about this really great program. The cost does not even approach the extremeness of the “well seasoned, well established” PDF players.
I will definitely recommend that everyone purchase this inexpensive indispensable tool.

– Michael

A PDF Editor for Freelance Writers

I’m a freelance writer and editor and work with PDFs in the course of my work every day, but I’ve never found a quick, easy and self-explanatory way to edit a pre-written PDF until today when I came across Infix PDF editor.

Often when you need some software quickly a search online using Google (or whichever search engine you prefer) will successfully turn up what seem to be the answer to your needs, but hours later you’re stuck with a selection of poorly designed or inaccessible software products on your laptop that you don’t want and still left scratching your head as to how to solve the problem, or worse, find that you’ve inadvertently downloaded something which is untrustworthy or damaging. I can’t count the number of times this has happened to me.

So I was so pleasantly surprised to find that Infix does what it claims to do, doesn’t install any unwanted extras in your computer, and is straightforward to understand, which is essential if like me you’re downloading it to use while on a deadline. I was able to select the part of the text that I needed to remove and replace it with the new lines in a couple of seconds without reading any manuals or watching any tutorials – I’ll be recommending this product to anyone who asks me for a reliable PDF editor in future.

– Jai Temple

How to Make Infix Portable

Traditionally, most software applications have been limited to the PC or laptop they have been installed on. But many people work in an environment that may require them to use more than one device, or to regularly ‘hot desk’ and spend limited amounts of time at each workstation.

Some applications may only be used for brief periods on the computer before another user takes over that machine. System administrators are understandably nervous of letting users install their own software in case the PC becomes littered with unwanted applications.

There’s also an issue around software licensing; it usually requires an application to only be installed on one device at a time, so if you want to install the application on several devices, you need to buy several licenses. Businesses can often end up with with more licenses than are needed, which isn’t particularly cost effective.

But there is another way.

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How to Rotate Parts of a PDF in Infix

In Infix PDF Editor, we can rotate a variety of different objects on the page. We can even rotate entire pages – or the entire document (when we want it to be displayed in landscape or portrait mode).

Infix PDF Editor allows us to create interesting and unusual layouts when we rotate individual objects like text boxes or images. In this document, we’ll look at a few of our options for rotating PDFs and individual selections within them.

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How to Highlight Text in a PDF

Highlighting is a handy feature for reference work, but there’s a range of applications where highlighting comes in handy:

  • If you’re reviewing someone else’s work, highlighting helps them pick out important passages for correction.
  • Highlighting is useful for studying; you can mark passages easily for revision or reference.
  • You can highlight sections of a brochure and pass on the file another department, such as marketing, allowing a consistent use of information across your business.

In this article, we’ll look at how highlighting works in Infix PDF Editor and go through the steps needed to apply and label highlights. The features we’ll cover are available in both Standard and Pro editions.

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How to Bookmark Pages in a PDF

When you start to produce large PDFs in Infix, bookmarks become an essential navigation tool. User need bookmarks to help them find sections in a PDF quickly, and you’ll find them handy when you want to look something up months down the line. Bookmarks can even be used as an interactive table of contents for viewing your PDFs online.

Infix PDF Editor offers a number of bookmarking features to facilitate your work, whether they are for your eyes only or for your readers as well. In the screenshot below, you can see how bookmarks have been used to create a table of contents in the Infix PDF Editor manual – a large document that would otherwise be difficult to navigate.

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