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Trojan.Bredolab Spreading In PDF Download

The Trojan.Bredolab Trojan horse program has been in existence since 2008.  In this time there have been hundreds of variations and schemes to entice you to install this malware on your system.



Not only have the methods been changing but the Trojan has also been constantly updated in attempts to escape detection by the anti-virus and anti-malware programs.  Trojan.Bredolab is on the move again with several new attempts to lure you in.

A few years ago, it was rare to find a specially-crafted PDF file containing a Trojan horse or virus.  In today’s current security landscape, PDF files loaded with malware are all too common.  Here is a new one vying for you computing power.

There is an email going around that appears to be a complaint notification from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) requesting you to respond.  The email alleges a complaint was lodged against your business and they want you to answer the complaint.

They have a link to a PDF file.  Once you open the PDF, the Trojan.Bredolab malware is loaded onto your system in the background.

Once installed, Trojan.Bredolab will give you false alerts of viruses being installed on your computer.  They offer you to purchase an activation code to protect you.  Once you have purchased the activation, the program may still pop up annoying messages and the writers will have more money in their bank account.

We encourage you not to open such unsolicited email attachments or click on links contained into them.  If you feel a BBB complaint may really be filed against you, just pick up the phone and call the BBB.  You can easily see if a complaint has really been made.

If you have up to date anti-virus and anti-malware programs on your computer, you should be protected from this latest threat.  We highly recommend you have an all-encompassing protection suite loaded as protection from all threats including protection from the nasty things lurking on the Internet.

Picture cropped from Barracuda Networks via Facebook