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At home, spend as little time as possible on the laptop

PDFs Aren’t Just For Business


If you have had experience with PDF editing software in your workplace you will probably already be aware of just how useful it can prove to be. At Iceni, we specialise in creating PDF editing software which is not only easy to obtain via online download, but also easy to use.


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Free Trials Vs Paid Software

Here at Iceni, we offer a free trial for our PDF editing software and therefore understand how important a trial can be in fulfilling a customer’s needs. At Iceni, we offer a free trial of the in-fix PDF editing software so that our customers can trial our product and evaluate its features and functionality before parting with their cash for the full product price.
But what are five things to consider when upgrading your software trial to the full software package?


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Ditch the pen and get digital

Five Handy Programs For Freelance Writers

Becoming a full time freelance writer is a brave decision. You’re giving up the financial security of a steady job to pursue your ambitions and while the rewards are great, the risks are plenty. If you succeed then it means that you can spend your days indulging in your passion – and you can get paid for it. This is a dream for many people but if you have the right tools, your dream could become reality. Some of the essentials are listed below:

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Locking your PDFs ensures security and protection

5 Benefits Of Locking PDFS

PDFs are an important tool in the modern business world and if you haven’t invested in a PDF editor, you may be exposed to a number of risks. This software can save money, increase productivity but more importantly, it can also boost security. These are all important considerations for us at Iceni this is probably just the same in your office!


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Internet Explorer is one of the most commonly used programs

Five Computer Programs We Use Every Day


It’s no secret and no surprise that computers are now central to the business world, central to health care, central to the finance world and central to everyday life. It’s staggering to think where we would be without computers and the programs that we use every single day. But what are the programs that we use most, and why?


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New iPad 3 Launch!

The launch of the iPad 2 drew crowds in locations all over the world. This queue formed in Regent Street, London.

When Apple call a press conference, a large proportion of the world stops to listen, and when they are talking about a new iPad, interest levels rise even higher. The tablet has caught the imagination of millions in its short existence and it appears to be the way forward with respect to communication, leisure (and even work for some). This means the new features and technologies are being picked over with great interest by people from all walks of life.


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PDF editing means no more red lines on a report!

The ABC of PDFs

The Portable Document Format (PDF) from Adobe is something that we have all heard of, but possibly few of us grasp the true power of what a PDF can do. We all know where a Word document comes from; it comes from Word (obviously), but not many people understand the PDF and where it comes from, or what you can do with it once you’ve got one open.

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PDF Review app - Major February update

PDFs on your Apple Device


There has never been a time when so much technology has been available simultaneously, both hardware and software, to enable you to distribute your documentation and marketing materials to as many people as possible, in the preferred method of their choice.

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Old Computer

Evolving Technologies – How Software Is Becoming More User Friendly

Antiquated: Computers soon becomes outdated, as does their software.


Even though home computers didn’t start arriving in people’s homes until the 1980s, it would be difficult to think of modern life without them. The emergence of the internet has transformed the way that people live their lives, which is all the more remarkable when you think that it is not that long ago that the most basic computer would stop people in their tracks with amazement. The rate of pace that computer technology has changed with over the years has been astounding and even confident computer users of the 1980s would be stunned at how simple running programs and software is today.

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