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Get Over Your Fear of PDFs

Many people avoid creating PDF files like the plague.  Some people would rather go back to parchment paper, a quill and a bottle of indelible ink before creating a PDF file.


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Free Trials Vs Paid Software

Here at Iceni, we offer a free trial for our PDF editing software and therefore understand how important a trial can be in fulfilling a customer’s needs. At Iceni, we offer a free trial of the in-fix PDF editing software so that our customers can trial our product and evaluate its features and functionality before parting with their cash for the full product price.
But what are five things to consider when upgrading your software trial to the full software package?


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Latest Infix review!

We’ve just had an excellent review published of Infix – those looking for a little inspiration can see this here:




Infix continues to grow, but we couldn’t do this without our faithful customer base – so thank you all!