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How to Highlight Text in a PDF

Highlighting is a handy feature for reference work, but there’s a range of applications where highlighting comes in handy:

  • If you’re reviewing someone else’s work, highlighting helps them pick out important passages for correction.
  • Highlighting is useful for studying; you can mark passages easily for revision or reference.
  • You can highlight sections of a brochure and pass on the file another department, such as marketing, allowing a consistent use of information across your business.

In this article, we’ll look at how highlighting works in Infix PDF Editor and go through the steps needed to apply and label highlights. The features we’ll cover are available in both Standard and Pro editions.

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Screenwriter prefers Infix over Acrobat

I am a screenwriter and film producer and I’m often dealing with PDF documents that require amendments, alterations, changes. I have Adobe Pro, but it’s always a supreme hassle dealing with changes and with sensitive documents needing attention the tool I turn to is Infix.

One of the many essential uses I’ve found for Infix is the excellent document signature option. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been in transit with a document needing to be signed NOW. Without a printer and a scanner the seconds turn to hours and that’s often too late. With Infix, I can place my scanned signature right on the dotted line.

As a writer, I’ve used Infix to make changes to screenplays and books that were virtually impossible to alter in ACROBAT. All in all, it’s a great and flexible program.

– Brian

Design Engineers use Infix to speed-up form-filling

I own a small business which is in a constantly changing marketplace. We are design engineers and professional A/V integrators endeavoring to staying abreast of the latest A/V technology. To accomplish that goal, we are required to interact with hundreds of vendors and manufacturers. Often a manufacturer will change their dealer terms and/or agreement, require an updated credit form, require a special form to be filled out to enable a drop shipment of equipment, or credit card or a spiff form completed, et cetera. This is but a small sample listing of the forms required to be filled out, which are sent to us on a regular basis. In general, they include many text fields and numerical fields to be completed on each page – additionally, some requiring photos, signatures, et cetera.

Numerous forms we receive are old and have absolutely no interactive or editing capability. Sometimes we receive documents via mail which need to be completed – the ultimate hassle. One method, often utilized by us, is to import the emailed PDF document, or scan, into a CAD application – importing a file for each page, one page at a time. Next we add a transparent layer above the incomplete form and proceed to create text fields for each entry field required. When the need for a signature arises, we import a signature – previously created with a freehand graphics application, into the transparent CAD layer. Once that action is completed, we convert the layers to a single PDF document for each page, on a one-by-one basis. Definitely a very slow procedure… to the point where we wait until the last possible moment before we actually complete the tedious process.

And then tax season arrives… where all the documents from the accountant – which require editing, field completion and signatures – are old PDFs (we believe the accounting firm recently learned email!)

This process leaves CAD documents for each form, which now require coordinated… Ugh!

After learning about Infix, we felt like we had been missing out on one of the greatest efficiency-based applications ever created. What a time saver it would be to directly edit and complete all the PDFs we receive; and simple email them back to sender. WOW, excellent! What a revelation!

– R.Rosati

How to Merge PDFs in Infix

There may be occasions where you have multiple PDFs that you want to join together to form a single PDF file. For example, you might want to create a single application form with multiple sections that have been created for different purposes.

Instead of having to manually create a new PDF and copy and paste the details, Infix PDF Editor allows you to merge several PDFs into one automatically. This is usually easier than the manual alternative:

●        The software doesn’t limit the number of PDFs which can be merged.

●        it allows us to choose the order in which the PDFs are arranged in the merged document.

In this article, we’ll walk through the merge process and talk a little about what steps we might want to take after a document has been merged.

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PDF editing on Mac – don’t be put off!

I was very pleasantly surprised with Infix Pro for Mac. I had been looking for an affordable PDF editor for my work. I would like to afford Acrobat, but the price tag strains my shoestring budget near to breaking. Enter Infix Pro! It’s originally built for Windows and retains its interface, but don’t be put off by it – the program will still install correctly.

One big advantage over Acrobat is that you can edit right away without worrying whether a font is missing. While I was editing a book, Acrobat noticed that I did not have the book’s native font, and substituted another one. This worried me; what if the clients specifically wanted that particular font? With Infix, no problem. I was able to make edits without any fuss.

You may have to resize boxes slightly to keep the format, but it’s a very small price to pay for ease of use and affordability. Infix Mac works just like a word processor. Of all of the alternatives, Infix Pro for Mac feels the most intuitive. I highly recommend it, and I’ll definitely be using Infix Pro for Mac for all of my editing needs.

– Linda Apton

Infix PDF Editor v6 Available to Download


British software company Iceni has launched a new version of its acclaimed PDF editing application, Infix.


PDF is a popular format for the distribution of documents via email and over the internet. However, PDFs are not editable in most free applications. Users must download PDF editing software to make changes, and this software must be paid for. Infix is one of the most affordable options for PDF editing on the market today.


The Infix PDF Editor application has been reviewed and ranked 4.6 out of 5 on independent download site Download.com. It is available for Mac and PC, priced from free to £99 per licence.


The new version 6 includes a number of new features for advanced PDF file editing:


Advanced optical character recognition (OCR)
Infix PDF Editor scans a paper document and turns it into an editable and searchable PDF file. Users can scan in a PDF, correct or edit the text, then re-save and distribute as normal.


Thumbnail view for document overview
Users can see thumbnail versions of the pages in their document in Infix PDF Editor. Using this overview, pages can easily be moved and deleted.


Support for interactive forms and paper forms
Infix PDF Editor has always supported the scanning and filling in of paper forms. Its features have been upgraded to also support interactive forms (forms that display interactive elements on-screen).


Key Facts

●    Infix 6 can be downloaded for PC and Mac.
●    Infix Pro: $159 (£99, €129)
●    Infix Std: $99 (£59, €79)
●    Infix Pay and Save: $30 (£20, €25)


Iceni Director Simon Crowfoot commented:
“Infix PDF Editor is the market leader in PDF editing software, and with the new version 6, the software has advanced yet again. We are confident that Infix is the most capable and affordable PDF editing product on the market in 2013.”


About Iceni Technology
Iceni Technology is an established software development company based in Norwich in the UK. Director Simon Crowfoot founded the company in 1997. Infix PDF Editor is its flagship product. The company also developed Infix Server, Argus and Adstract. Enquiries can be directed to sales@iceni.com.

Finding and Replacing Hyperlinks in PDF Documents

When you’ve completed a PDF document in Infix, you can come back to it and edit it whenever you like. None of the contents are fixed, and that gives you the freedom to keep your PDF file updated without a huge investment of time.

Over the lifetime of a document, you may need to change the links you’ve created to point to a new location, a new domain or a different file on your company intranet. You might want to change all of the file extensions for a particular link, or replace one link with another. Of course, there’s a good chance you’ll need to do this more than once, and in large documents, that becomes an unmanageable task if you’re trying to handle it manually.

With Infix, there’s no need to scan the document and alter your hyperlinks ‘by hand’. The software has a special addition to its Find and Replace function that will help you to locate troublesome links in a few seconds. By searching using particular words, or strings, you can Find (and, optionally, Replace) the terms you’re looking for.
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Interactive PDF Forms

PDF forms allow the reader to type data into text fields – much like filling in a form on the web. Using Infix, you can fill in PDF forms you’re sent and distribute the results without any compatibility problems.

Why would you want to do this? For one thing, it’s quick; as the recipient, you can fill in the form and return it digitally without having to print it out (and either post or scan it). In fact, by using PDF forms, you might find you can pack away the fax machine for good and save a lot of paper in the process.
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Rebuilding a lost dissertation using Infix

I have recently used Infix editing my dissertation. My computer was stolen, and I lost the entire document (I had a brain f*rt and had not backed up). (All) I had left was a hard copy I had printed the day before the thief took my computer (I did retrieve the computer about a week later, hard drive wiped).

I was prepared to spend a couple of weeks retyping the entire document (245 pages). A friend referred me to Infix and I tried the OCR tool. It did a wonderful job and my two weeks of planned grunt work took me about 4 hours to complete.

After using every other PDF editing software, including Acrobat, this OCR is by far the best when it comes to numbers. In addition, unlike Acrobat, the OCR correction tool makes it extremely easy to fix software mistake without have to export the file and recreate a PDF.

The most useful part of Infix is the ability to use it for free to learn how it works.
I would recommend anyone needing a PDF editing software to consider fully Infix.

– Phillip Mixon

PDFy Windows Phone URL to PDF Converter

If you happen to have a Windows Phone, here is a free product you may want to install.  The program, called PDFy, is published by Super Lazy.  You can download PDFy from the Windows Phone Store.


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