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Editing invoices in PDF – simplified with Infix

I run a business as a middleman between supplier organisations and end user corporates. The normal way of doing business is for the supplier to invoice the middleman (me) directly and then I raise an invoice for the corporate. Each invoice could run to hundreds of lines and to save myself time I would find it easier to simply edit the PDF Invoice from the supplier with my logo and company details than to create a whole new document with the same 100 lines.
I also receive innumerable quotes from different suppliers which I need to forward to the corporates but I need to do this bearing my company information. Again I don’t want to spend an inordinate amount of time re-creating these documents.

I was looking for an easy programme that can edit PDF documents and have tested many but found INFIX PDF Editor the easiest to use to edit documents.

– Jean Liddiard

Infix – boldly editing PDF where others fears to tread

How can Infix make it so easy to search and replace occurrences in a PDF file but Adobe can not?
Wait, didn’t Adobe create the PDF format? That would be like another soda company improving on Coke and Pepsi.
Why am I even asking when it took care of my search/replace in about 3 seconds! Amazing.
I have used a plethora of “PDF” editing [applications] but so far, this has been the easiest that I have ever used and before today, I had never heard of this product.
I am going to tell all my friends and associates about this really great program. The cost does not even approach the extremeness of the “well seasoned, well established” PDF players.
I will definitely recommend that everyone purchase this inexpensive indispensable tool.

– Michael

How to Edit a Scanned Document

Retyping long documents is a task that most of us would rather avoid. Thanks to Infix PDF Editor, we can. Infix can acquire a page from a scanner and convert the scanned image to editable text. And because its editing features are intuitive, it makes the whole process really straightforward.

Being able to edit a scanned document can come in really handy in a variety of situations:

  • You can re-use content that you’ve already created and printed, even if the original digital file has been lost, without having to retype everything.
  • It’s possible change other people’s work and reprint it.
  • You can fill in forms that you’ve picked up on paper. Instead of manually writing on the form and posting it back, you can type clear, legible answers and email it instead.

In this article, we’ll look at how text is scanned, recognised and edited in Infix PDF Editor. This article is relevant to the Standard and Pro versions of the application.

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