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Safari with Mountain Lion Corrupts PDF Files When Saving and Printing

Back in August we reported reports of corruption when opening PDF files in the Mountain Lion OS (OS X).  There are now reports of problems when saving PDFs in Safari (Apple’s web browser).  What is interesting is that one of the fixes is the same for both of the problems.


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Great Free PDF Reader Apps for Android Devices

There are many free PDF reader apps for Google’s Android devices.  We thought we would find some of the ones that have the best ratings and a wide distribution.

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Multiple Problems Seen in Adobe Reader and Acrobat 10.1.2

If you have some strange problems with missing buttons or print problems, you might want to check your version of Adobe Reader or Acrobat.

The popular PDF software v10.1.2 has some notable problems.

Here is how to check your version.  Go to Help and select About Adobe Acrobat 10 or About Adobe Reader 10 from the drop-down menu.  A box will pop up and display the version of your Adobe program.  If it shows v10.1.2, you may see some problems.

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