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Events in Computing History – September

September 2nd


Event: The first initial release of Google chrome web browser.

Interesting Facts:

  • Although it was released after Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, Chrome is the most used web browser in the world, taking 39% of the market for usage.
  • Google Chrome is the only web browser with a built in language translator and able to convert up to 53 different languages.

Before chrome was released the chairman of Google (Eric Schmidt) was against the idea of a web browser as he considered the company too small to compete with the likes of Internet Explorer and Firefox and the idea was suspended for 6 years.

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Internet Explorer is one of the most commonly used programs

Five Computer Programs We Use Every Day


It’s no secret and no surprise that computers are now central to the business world, central to health care, central to the finance world and central to everyday life. It’s staggering to think where we would be without computers and the programs that we use every single day. But what are the programs that we use most, and why?


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The Adobe suite has recently had a makeover

What The New Adobe Updates Mean For You

The technology world has been set alight again recently by old hands Adobe, with the announcement of a host of new products and several improvements to existing products. There hasn’t been such a shake-up since 2008, when Adobe announced that PDF was becoming an open standard program (meaning that software companies could write programs that would let you edit a PDF as easily as if you were using a word processor).



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