Merry Christmas!


Wishing all of our readers and customers both past and future a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014!

The Infix Team @ Iceni

One thought on “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Harman Hundal

    Hi !
    Merry Christmas. I am writing to express how impresed with the Iceni PDF Editor.

    As a guy who is applying to a number of jobs these days, I have to create different PDF files for each job depending on what the employer wants to see in my resume. Many of them have fomatting related requirements for PDF files.

    Earlier I had a stock CV on a *.doc file which I would modify everytime and print to pdf. I would then open the newly created pdf in Adobe Reader to see if it looks OK. That is 3 steps and took atleast 10 minutes per CV.

    Now, with Iceni Editor, I directly open the pdf file I had created previously, edit it, save it and send. Boom ! I am done.The software offers you many modes – from advanced features to the simplest features, these modes have everything anyone can need to fulfill their PDF editing or modifying needs.

    This has simplified life much for me, and I can’t thank the creators of the software enough. Definitely akeeper, and a must have.


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