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LinkedIn Has Resume Export and Companies Are Requesting It

We wrote about how important resumes can be in social media and why you should have one in a PDF format.  If you have not yet managed to create a resume in a PDF format or do not have any way to print one as a PDF, we have a solution for you.

All you need is a LinkedIn account.  If you do not yet have one go to the LinkedIn web site and create a free account.  Besides, LinkedIn is a great networking site for finding employment.

Gather all your work history; write down all your abilities and your education.  If you have any certifications or awards, get them together too.  If your name is on a patent, make sure you do not forget to include that too.

Once you have your complete work history, you are all set to enter this information in your LinkedIn account.  So what are you waiting for?  Go do it!

LinkedIn Profile export 100% complete

Now your LinkedIn profile is populated, make sure it says 100% completed.

View your profile.  You will see a blue Improve your profile button.  Click that and follow the steps.  This will help you flesh out and polish your profile.

After you have finished improving your profile, look at the gray View button with the down arrow.  Hover your mouse over the down arrow or even click on it.  You will see a drop-down menu that has Export to PDF as the last selection.

LinkedIn screenshot - Export to PDF

Go ahead, don’t be afraid, just click on it.

A window will pop up and give you a choice of Open with or Save File.  We recommend saving the file.  If you decide to open it with a program, make sure you save your resume.

This is not a new option and has been available in LinkedIn for at least 4 or 5 years – maybe more.  It does allow you to get a complete (provided you have entered all your information to begin with) resume in PDF format.  What is really surprising, many employers are actually requesting a LinkedIn Resume; we guess it is easier for them to compare resumes when they are all in the same format.

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