Infix User Feedback – Afraid of Infix? Surely not!

Initially, I was afraid Infix would be just another PDF editor where I will have to piece all the text fragments myself – in that case, wouldn’t Microsoft Word have worked better?
However, I was pleasantly surprised that it helps combine all the text fragments, and this really removes all the tedious manual editing that I would have to spend countless hours on deleting, editing, and all kinds of manual editing.
At the risk of tautology, I am highly impressed with Infix’s ability to link all the text which otherwise
appear as fragments. And if you don’t get what am I on about, grab any decent length PDF, copy and paste the text onto MS Word. You will find each line separated, even if it isn’t a complete sentence. Now, imagining doing that for a 300 page PDF file and you will understand how Infix seems like a lifesaver.
I do minor editing of PDF files, where the format can get messy. It used to bother me a lot because the unruly formatting can be distracting, until I found Infix. After some minor adjustments here and there, the documents became much more pleasing, and reading was truly a pleasure.
And if you are wondering, the editor is just like MS Word, except for PDF files. Highly intuitive, so there is no fear of not being able to use the software.
– Stanley Lai

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