French Words, Translated

So far we have examined commonly translated Russian and German words. This month we thought we’d investigate another country whose translation services benefit from PDF editing software: France. Below are lists of some of the most commonly used words in French and English and their translations.

French – English

French Word English Translation
être to be; being
avoir to have
je I
de of, from, by, than, in, with
ne not
pas not; step, pace
le the; him, it (for masculine singular nouns)
la the; her, it (for feminine singular nouns)
tu you
vous you, yourself


English – French

English Word French Translation
again de nouveau, encore
all tout, toute, tous, toutes
before avant
day jour
first premier
happy heureux, heureuse
last dernier, dernière
please s’il te plaît, s’il vous plaît
thankyou merci
what que, qu’est-ce que, quoi




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