Feedback – Form filling made easy with Infix

I am an attorney with over 30 years of litigation experience. More and more courts are using PDF forms on filed cases. One of the problems I have encounter over the years is with the PDF forms. They can be very difficult to edit or add text to. In the past I would convert the PDF file to either a Word or WordPerfect format and make the revisions. I would then convert the file to a PDF file. The problem with this approach is the converted file many time{s} would not be formatted properly. This would cause additional revisions taking a lot of time which could be very hectic if a deadline is coming due.
One day I discovered this wonderful software called Infix. Infix allows you to edit any PDF file like a word processor. You have read this right. You can just click on the document and start making the changes. When you are finished, it is formatted perfectly. As a result of the ease of this software, many hours are saved in the revision process.
Infix will pay for itself in the first week of use in my opinion. I highly recommend this software.
– Dennis A. Burke

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