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Translating PDF brochures on a deadline

I used Infix PDF Editor for the first time this month in order to translate a very specific brochure which had to remain in the PDF format.

First I tried other software programs but the text and formatting didn’t work for me: the line would just go out of the text box or the font would suddenly change. I was about to give up on the translation when I read a recommendation for Infix PDF Editor in a forum for translators. So I gave it a try and I was very pleased.

This software reads PDF files without any problem and editing is done easily. Very complicated files, like brochures made of various layers, are easy to operate with and transform: fonts can be changed as well as their size, you can use specific characters such as letters with accents…

I found everything working easily and I was able to meet my deadline on time.

– Visnja Jovanovic

CAT Export – It’s what translators want for PDFs

Hello Iceni, I wanted to congratulate you on Infix Pro.

I’m a freelance translator and am always slightly alarmed when I receive PDFs to translate because normally you have to convert into Word before you can translate, and the conversion is always prone to cause graphics to leap around, or text suddenly becomes 1-cm wide columns, or even somehow lies on top of other text. It all gets a horrible mess.

I’m not yet fully familiar with Infix Pro, but yesterday when I had to urgently translate a graphic-rich PDF, I decided to use Infix Pro’s “CAT Export” tool. It saved the bare text as a simple .txt file which I could easily translate in Trados. Then I opened my translated .txt in Infix and Infix laid it out correctly.

Result: a nice clean PDF looking like the foreign text but in English! What more could one ask for?

You deserve special thanks for that CAT Export tool.

– Stephen Fennell

Exotic PDF editing and translation – out of the box!

I’d like to give feedback on how Infix PDF editing saves us as a charity (University of the Nations) a lot of time.
Because of many people going through our study courses and internships, we have a lot of written research material on our file servers. Most of them are in editable and PDF file formats. But some of them, the important ones of course, we only have as PDF because the author left us already.

Because of our multi-language setting in our study courses, we need some of these documents to be translated in different languages. And now is the time for Infix pdf editing.

We tried several PDF editors (real and “so called”) and only Infix convinced us to be the tool we need. The demo version does all we need (beside the watermark, but that’s OK so far).

Text editing even with exotic fonts works out of the box (no other program was so easy for this). Image relocation works and so on. And the best of it: it doesn’t need long time to get familiar with it!!

We are very excited about this program. It saved days for us.

– Danilo Ludwig

Infix can be a “game changer” for PDF translation projects

This program [Infix] is the solution I have been looking for! I am a professional translator, and in the past when clients gave me a .pdf document to translate, I would either plead with them for a .word version, threaten to charge them more, or simply refer them to another colleague willing to deal with the headache. Infix PDF Editor has changed the way I do business.

I can use it in conjunction with my CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) memory tool to manipulate the source document and work on the translation as easily as I would with any other format. Then I can save my work, open up the PDF editor, and see in real layout how the final product will look. It is fairly intuitive to use, and a little practice goes a long way, too.

If you’ve resorted to reading this blog, I’m sure you’ve already tried all of the other “solutions” for dealing with PDF documents (copy-pasting, adding comments, whining, etc.). This is a much more elegant and professional way, and certainly worth the reasonable learning curve.

– Ben Guevara

Feedback – Chinese translations using Infix

I am a college student form China. My teacher gave me a task that to translate a professional manual from English to Chinese. The manual file is a PDF file not the doc file I am familiar. So I tried to search for the corresponding editing software to edit the text. Of course I tried the Adobe’s software first, but I find it difficult to change the text in the text box because of the code of each font is different. And I can only remove the original text box and place a new text box on it. But thus I can’t keep the original composition.

And then I tried Infix software, it can satisfy what I want, easy to make several different code of fonts in a same text box. Most important is that the edit procedure is similar to Microsoft Word which is known for almost people. Then, I finished my work easily, and introduce the Infix editor to my teacher and my friend. Now I am working on my task paper using Infix PDF Editor.

Thank you all your crew very much!
Happy Chinese New Year : )

– Jingmiao Zhang

PDF Editing for small businesses

I am a life coach guiding students and career oriented professionals. I am doing Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test for which I am taking finger prints and submit the data to another company. That company sends me reports with their name and logo. I am paying them full fees for these reports and several times I have requested them to give me the reports branded with my name but they would not. Then at last I got the solution in the form of Infix PDF Editor.
I tried and used it for editing certain reports. I am now able to delete the name of the other company and insert mine instead. At the same time I can edit fonts and highlight certain points as per my and my client’s wish. I can now also decorate the reports the way I need and can give them an attractive look.
Within a very short time I am launching my Website and Blog. I do it myself using weebly website creator. And even in this task Infix will really be very very useful.
For persons like me who are doing everything for themselves to save money, this software really is excellent. Moreover when I start publishing blogs I will include a link to it. Even my cousin who is London-based and working with a financial institution recommended me the same software.
Thanks a lot Infix!
With regards,
Bharggav Adhyaroo

Translate Your PDF with Google Docs

Have you ever found the instructions for an app only available in a language you do not understand?  Many new games originating from Europe and Russia often only have user manuals in their native language until they get the time to translate them into other tongues.


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Translating PDFs into French – User Feedback

Thank you! I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with your software.
As a company based in France, working on behalf of an English company, we are required to translate many advertising and informative PDF’s into French. We have previously tried many other versions of PDF editing software but none have proved as versatile a utility as Infix PDF Editor, from it’s ability to do simple things (like changing fonts, something missing on so many editors!), to dealing with our more advanced requirements, it has handled everything with ease.
When you compare the cost against most of it’s competitors, the easy to use layout, the sheer number of options, you quickly find out that this is a very impressive piece of software. Congratulations to you on providing such a well rounded product, we have already started to recommend it to clients and friends and will continue to do so.
Again thank you for saving us money, time and most importantly our sanity.
– Andy Walsh

Infix helps smooth over cultural differences

I am a primary school teacher (in the UK) and love to find different resources to use in my teaching.
You often find great, copyright-free resources and ideas on American websites but we can be divided by our “common” language. I recently used Infix PDF editor to make simple changes to a poster changing ‘period’ to ‘full stop’ and now this lovely resource has meaning for my class. I have also used it to make changes to resources so that they have UK English spelling and so I can change “color” to “colour”, “mom” to “mum” and “gray” to “grey”.
I love “Infix PDF editor” as it is so intuitive and simple to use and the results are brilliant.
This program is an absolute treasure.
– Anne Pierozynski

User Feedback – Teaching Chinese

I would recommend Infix to any foreign language teachers who need to modify a PDF to fit personalized classroom needs.
For example, I teach Chinese; however, I have found that there are few materials available. What I have been able to do with Infix [is] locate materials made for another language (such as Spanish) and modify the text to help me teach Chinese.
I’ve had no problems using my specialized Chinese fonts with the Infix program.
I also really like that before saving a file, the Infix program notifies me if there is a problem with the text. For example, when I first started using the program I had copied some text into the PDF file that fell off of the page. Infix notified me of this and saved me the embarrassment of printing off 20 copies of a poor file.
Infix is a time-saving machine! Let technology do the work and get back to teaching!