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Using SlideShare Is Much Better With PDFs

We introduced you to a very small upstart, no-frills, slide sharing program nextprev.  Now we introduce you to a well established company that is social media site as well.


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Very New and Coming PDF Presentation Service

Many times you want a way to make a presentation to a person or a group and would like a no-frills method where you maintain full control.  A service,, is just starting.


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Infix helps smooth over cultural differences

I am a primary school teacher (in the UK) and love to find different resources to use in my teaching.
You often find great, copyright-free resources and ideas on American websites but we can be divided by our “common” language. I recently used Infix PDF editor to make simple changes to a poster changing ‘period’ to ‘full stop’ and now this lovely resource has meaning for my class. I have also used it to make changes to resources so that they have UK English spelling and so I can change “color” to “colour”, “mom” to “mum” and “gray” to “grey”.
I love “Infix PDF editor” as it is so intuitive and simple to use and the results are brilliant.
This program is an absolute treasure.
– Anne Pierozynski

Should You Purchase the Signature App for Mac to Sign PDFs?

We found an article on Signature that was interesting.  According to the post, you can use the Signature app to sign PDF files.  You can also add doodles or drawings to PDF’s.


Caveat Emptor Sandwich

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Updating old documents when all you have is the PDF

I work with a great deal of technical documentation. It ranges from instruction manuals to quick references to service bulletins and everything in between. Most of this is done in MS Office, but much of the documentation was done before my time and must be updated on a regular basis. For these older documents many of them are in PDF only with the source file gone. Infix allows me to update these documents with new screen shots, up to date text, additional instructions, new pages, removal of irrelevant pages, text and images, etc. I’ve found it to be an extremely useful program, without all of the bloat associated with Acrobat.
I’ve found Infix Pro to be both light weight on system resources using well under 150,000 KB of RAM, and the installation itself takes up less than 60 MB of disk space. As an SSD user, disk space comes at a premium, so having a small disk footprint is very important to me.
In conclusion, I’m quite happy with Infix Pro, and I’m glad that I found the software. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone else who needs a functional PDF editor that is small, fast, and light weight.
– Daryl Sonnier

Use Infix to sign forms & contracts – user feedback

Infix Pro is the first program I found that allowed a photo file (.jpg, .bmp, etc) to be displayed and printed as a true signature that integrated with the document rather than blocking out all text or formatting behind the signature. This is an exceptionally handy feature for signing documents that require my actual physical signature rather than a digital signature, e.g., useful for sending signed forms via an online fax service or through regular old email.

The “Text+” tool was a true time saver for form filling because I did not have to draw text boxes – just place the cursor above the line and the box automatically appeared. To get an even neater and seamless document, use the Text editor tool to delete the form field and just type the information instead of filling in the form block.

Infix was the fourth pdf editing software I tried; there will not be a fifth because I found what I was looking for. Easy to use at a great price and well worth the investment.

– David Mueller

1-step PDF Invoicing

Infix has saved me hours of work each week that I have wasted over the years!
Before Infix, I would use Microsoft Word to create and edit invoices, convert the file into a PDF, and then send the invoice to customers. Now, I simply open and edit a PDF invoice with Infix, save and viola! Invoices are ready to be sent with a few simple clicks of my mouse. No more opening another program and then converting to a PDF.
The same is true with all the forms that I create. It has always been a multi-step process. Opening Word or Excel, creating or editing a file, saving the file and then converting to a PDF. Now with Infix, all the work is done with one program.
Infix has truly streamlined my work and has shaven off hours of work each week.
Thanks Infix- you’re indispensable to me now! Just wish I had discovered you sooner!!

– Evelyn Lee

User feedback – Converting PDF to ePub for easier reading

I am an internet researcher and usually I download files in PDF format and these files are growing in number to the extent that I am having a difficult time reading them all in the computer because of eye fatigue.
My solution is to convert the PDF files to e-pub format and transfer it into my e-ink reader. The difficulty in converting PDF to e-pub is when the PDF file have header and footer, it does not convert well into e-pub. My earlier conversions are like these. Then I tried Infix PDF Editor from my friend’s computer to remove the header and footer (it’s so easy, I just use the find and replace tool) and what a nice change it does to my e-pub output. The reflow is very good and the file size is reduced by almost 70%. Now I want to redo all my earlier converts if only I have my own Infix PDF Editor.
– Edna Lantican

Portable Applications Becoming More Popular

If you are one of those people who are constantly on the move, it seems like you have your laptop permanently attached to your body.  Not physically attached, but always there ready to be accessed at a moment’s notice.  The rash of ultra-light laptops and tablets being snatched up by mobile consumers is proof that portability is the key.

Sometimes you would like to travel even lighter.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could carry everything you needed in your pocket?  Something light that would not need a battery charge would be ideal.

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User Feedback – Infix helps with PhD

I am a PhD student and need to do read lot of research papers/articles/documents, which are generally in PDF format.
I also need to add my comments/notes in papers I read. And as it is not feasible to maintain all documents in print format, I was looking for a good PDF viewer which also has functionality of editing PDFs, writing notes/comments, add blank page options.
A friend of mine suggested I try Infix. I have now been using Infix from quite some time and really I am happy that I found this software.
One of the best feature of Infix is capability to add/edit text in between the text of PDF itself, which makes notes-box (generally available in other PDF viewers) redundant. In addition to this, other features like adding comments, various shapes of notes tool to categorize notes, highlighting text features work seamlessly.
One more thing I liked about Infix is various themes supported. I personally use Office 2007 theme, which resemble with other office tools and looks good.
In conclusion, Infix is a great tool for reading/editing PDF documents and definitely worth trying.
– Ronak Bajaj