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Feedback: No need to convert PDF in order to edit – Wow!

Wow! It’s hard to overstate the usefulness of this amazing product, “Infix PDF Editor”.
My primary need is the ability to edit the text in a PDF document. Some experts recommend you convert your PDF to another format, such as Microsoft Word, and perform your edits that way. The problem with this approach is that, when you convert back to PDF, you will invariably lose or destroy the formatting of your original PDF file. So that’s not a practical approach.
This problem vanishes with “Infix PDF Editor”, because it can edit text in your PDF document WITHOUT CONVERTING IT TO ANOTHER FORMAT. What’s more, it will handle the flow of text across your document, so everything still looks proper. In addition, you can insert comments, adjust font formatting and colors, insert text-boxes, links, highlighting, page-numbers… the list goes on. Plus it has drawing tools, like object layering and automatic alignment. It has tools to help you correct OCR errors. You can insert entirely new pages, and add page-numbers. It even has global search and replace.
This product has it all!
– Johny Why

Feedback: It really is Word for PDF!

The Infix PDF Editor is the only editor that I found that can actually edit text as easily as editing a Word document. With most other (so-called) PDF editors, editing consists of inserting text via text boxes that overlay the document, in effect treating the document as if it were graphical image. While the Adobe Acrobat PDF editor is more powerful, the Infix PDF Editor can do virtually everything that the Adobe Acrobat PDF editor can do, and at a considerably lower price.

The drop-down menus of the Infix PDF Editor are very similar to those menus in Word as well as the other Microsoft Office products, so those of us with experience in working with Word have a greatly reduced learning curve in becoming familiar with the Infix PDF Editor.

Another nice feature of the Infix PDF Editor is its ability to manipulate graphical images and reformat pages, a capability that is rarely present in PDF editors.

– Stanley Korn

ArchiveFacebook Add-on for Firefox

Yesterday, we published an article on how to save your LinkedIn Data to a PDF and other formats.  We have all heard about people who have had their Facebook account hijacked.  It’s not a pleasant experience and what happens is you can lose the account permanently and lose everything you have posted.  If you have Firefox as your browser, you are in luck in saving all your Facebook data.


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Save Your LinkedIn Information as PDF

Every day you read about people getting their email and social media accounts hacked.  Often the invaders change the password, delete data or even doing some nasty things with your account and getting your account deleted.  If this happens to you, you need a way to keep your data so you can have access to it while you are attempting to deal with the service provider.  Here is how to secure your data on LinkedIn.


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Offline Web Reading Made Easy with Batch PDF Converter

Sometimes you may need to get away from it all and just relax.  How about a cabin near a lake with nothing around for miles?  No telephone, no cell service and no Internet access.

Well, if you are as connected as I am, I would still like to be able to read some research now and then during that week or two-week vacation.  Yes, you can print some web pages to a PDF file and read it later.


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Camera Scanner for Your Android Phone or Tablet

You have probably taken pictures of a document with your smartphone or tablet and saved them or emailed them to yourself.  To retrieve the information, you have to send the picture to your computer, open it up and type the info into a new document.  What you need is CamScanner from the Android Play Store.


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Take Notes with Your iPad

If you have an iPad, you have probably used it to look at books, PDFs and pictures as well as movies.  You may have even used it as a study aid.  But, have you ever used it to take notes in class of at a seminar?


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PDF Editing for small businesses

I am a life coach guiding students and career oriented professionals. I am doing Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test for which I am taking finger prints and submit the data to another company. That company sends me reports with their name and logo. I am paying them full fees for these reports and several times I have requested them to give me the reports branded with my name but they would not. Then at last I got the solution in the form of Infix PDF Editor.
I tried and used it for editing certain reports. I am now able to delete the name of the other company and insert mine instead. At the same time I can edit fonts and highlight certain points as per my and my client’s wish. I can now also decorate the reports the way I need and can give them an attractive look.
Within a very short time I am launching my Website and Blog. I do it myself using weebly website creator. And even in this task Infix will really be very very useful.
For persons like me who are doing everything for themselves to save money, this software really is excellent. Moreover when I start publishing blogs I will include a link to it. Even my cousin who is London-based and working with a financial institution recommended me the same software.
Thanks a lot Infix!
With regards,
Bharggav Adhyaroo

New Share your PDFs With a URL in Dropbox

There are many times you wish you could share a large PDF, like a photo album, with someone.  You email them and get a message that the file is too large.  We have a solution for you.

Dropbox just sent out an email that provides that answer.  They have announced a new feature and we had to try it out!

First you need a Dropbox account, so you can go to and get a free account. By completing 5 of 7 things like installing on your smartphone, you will get an extra 250 MB of free storage.  500 MB extra is given to you as soon as you upload your first picture taken on your smartphone.  Here I show 3.25 GB of free storage.


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Installing Print Friendly and PDF Button in Your WordPress Blog

We have mentioned Print Friendly in a previous post.  Some of you may want some help in installing this plugin, so we will help you accomplish this.



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