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Problems Printing Microsoft Office Documents as PDF files

Sometimes problems creep up when mixing Microsoft Office Documents and PDF creation or authoring software.  Most PDF software installs a toolbar into Microsoft Office as long as the Office installation is first completed.  If you have installed your PDF software before MS Office, uninstall it and reinstall it.  That should solve some problems related to the toolbar.

Sometimes documents may print in a strange way.  It has been known to have some multi-page documents print to a PDF with thousands of pages, most of them blank or having strange hieroglyphics on the pages.  Usually this happens after a Microsoft update or Office security patch.

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Downloading Illegal Software

The Dangers of Downloading Illegal Software

Ever since the emergence of Napster, illegal downloads seem to have become synonymous with people who use the internet. As soon as word “got out” that you could get free films and free music from simply searching, clicking and downloading from such torrent sites as Pirate Bay and Bit Torrent, the illegal download trend spread worldwide.


However, despite the seemingly obvious benefits of free software, movies and music, the illegal download is actually riddled with danger. First and foremost, it’s illegal. By downloading a torrent from torrent sites without paying for it when you should do, no matter what type of file it is, you are performing an illegal activity. This is common knowledge to most internet users but nearly 10 years of illegal downloading can lull most web users into a false sense of security. Nowadays however, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Virgin Media, BT Internet and Sky Broadband all have the capability to easily monitor internet usage and they go to great lengths to ensure that their customers know it. This has led to warning letters being sent to home internet users and even prosecution based on ISP provided evidence.


It isn’t just the activity of illegal downloading which is a danger, it is also the files which are being downloaded. Most illegal software can be filled with virus threats and Trojans which can easily infect and damage home computers and laptops. This has led to untold amount of issues for home users and business users worldwide. By accepting incoming downloads from un-confirmed, un-secure online sources, you are making your computer readily susceptible to avoidable damage from infection.



But the threats aren’t just applicable to the home internet users, as proven by the recent headlines surrounding torrent hosting websites. The recent legal wrangling and the demise of Pirate Bay has shown the world that those websites which make a profit from the file sharing of illegal downloads aren’t bullet proof and can be brought to justice. It is only a matter of time before more and more participants of illegal downloads are caught out.



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PDF displayed on an iPad

PDF Reader Pro Updated

Rundown Of New Features


A successful company can go in one of two directions – innovate or consolidate. Innovation is the watchword at YUYAO Software, the makers of the number one iOS PDF app, PDF Reader Pro, and this month sees the release of a much anticipated update for its users.



The update, which has been rolled out for free to all existing users (new users will automatically receive the new version when they purchase the app) has many new features, some requested from their substantial user base, some because YUYAO Software like to give their users cool new features.


One of the key reasons for the app’s immense popularity was the ability to complete PDF forms, and, understandably, it is here that YUYAO have concentrated their efforts on improving the user experience. The PDF form display has been sharpened and the range of PDF form formats that are supported has been increased.


The Apple iPad 3 boasts faster hardware, sharper visuals and an improved all round experience for users. The new hardware also laid down a gauntlet to software developers, pushing them to try and get the best out of Apple’s stunning new hardware. And it is here that you can really see a lot of the background work that YUYAO have done.


Although PDF Reader Pro does work well on both the original iPad and last year’s iPad 2, the new software update really harnesses the new processing power and the beautiful, pin-sharp screen of the iPad 3 to deliver the user an immersive, slick experience.


At last week’s WWDC, Apple announced the imminent release of a major new software update for its mobile devices (iOS 6). They have thrown down the gauntlet again. We will have to wait and see how developers, YUYAO Software included, respond. However, with innovation and improvement underling the ethos of YUYAO, users of PDF Reader Pro will not be left behind.








May’s EU Ruling on Copyright Law

In May we heard the latest ruling from the EU concerning copyright protection for software – a full rundown on this can be found here:


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Raspberry Pi Delays

The Importance Of CE Marks


The excitement surrounding the Raspberry Pi has been building since the first tentative steps to create a low cost single board computer were announced in 2006. The enthusiasm levels were then ramped up even further in January 2012 when the first ten boards were auctioned on eBay. The boards, which had a total retail value of £220, sold for a combined £16,000.
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overset text box

It's easy to overlook the little red box

Understanding the little red box (overset text)

Would you know what an ‘overset text’ block is? It is a technical term used by type-setters when there is too much text to fit into a defined space.



This can happen in Infix when you edit text inside a text box. Enter too much text for the text box and Infix has no choice but to hide the overflowing text and mark the text box with a small red-square to indicate the overflow.


In order to make things a little easier and less technical we’ve just changed the way Infix Pro handles overset text. Now when you enter too much text, Infix asks what you’d like it to do.
The choices are (a) “do nothing” – just mark it overset, (b) “squeeze” the text a little to fit it better or (c) grow the text box. You also have the option to apply your choice automatically in future so you shouldn’t get bothered by dialog boxes appearing every few minutes.


We hope this makes it all a little easier to deal with overset conditions. If it doesn’t and you think it’s a backwards step, let us know and we’ll have a rethink if need be.
Simplified overset text handling will appear in the next maintenance release on Mac and PC.

trandform palette

Infix's new floating tranform palette

Transforming Infix

Have you ever been editing a PDF in Infix and wanted to position or scale an item by an exact amount? You may have wanted to line up some graphics at particular coordinates or create a box of a particular size.



Well I have and so I thought it was about time we added the facility to Infix. In the next maintenance release we’ll be rolling out the new “Transform Selection” palette. This kind of palette should be familiar to users of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign applications.


It a simple floating palette that you can use to position, stretch, rotate and skew a selection of objects all by exact amounts. It updates in real time, showing the current position of any object.


It’s very handy for lining things up, stretching objects to specific dimensions and moving them to specific locations and is quicker to use than repeatedly opening up dialogue boxes and entering new values.


It’ll make it’s first appearance in version 5.14 on Mac and PC.

Infix goes multi-lingual

Infix goes multilingual

The first phase of Infix localisation is complete. Infix PDF Editor is now available (in no particular order) in Chinese, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Czech languages.


These new versions include localized “Welcome” and “Quick Start” documents and install the local spell checker (where appropriate) by default. We haven’t yet taken the plunge and translated the entire User Manual into those languages. If we get enough call for this, then we’ll do it.


We are also translating the web site to match and have so far completed Russian, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
If you download from the English pages of the website, you will see links to all the other language versions at the bottom of the download page. If you download a localized version and it doesn’t immediately display in your language, go to File->Preferences and change the GUI Language option.


Though we used professional translators for this, when it comes to answering support emails, that’s still down to us and careful use of Google translate!


Technical Challenges

Translating the application, documentation and the website all at once has been a real experience – sometimes good, sometimes bad. On the plus side, we found some really great translators on However there were also a few not-so-great which suggests it’s just pot-luck even after you take references into account. When you find a good one, you stick with them!
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The Adobe suite has recently had a makeover

What The New Adobe Updates Mean For You

The technology world has been set alight again recently by old hands Adobe, with the announcement of a host of new products and several improvements to existing products. There hasn’t been such a shake-up since 2008, when Adobe announced that PDF was becoming an open standard program (meaning that software companies could write programs that would let you edit a PDF as easily as if you were using a word processor).



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Infix installation instructions for Macintosh

Installation of Infix on the Mac is just a drag and drop

Infix PDF Editor available on Macintosh

Though it’s been available on the PC for a number of years, Iceni Technology has now released a Macintosh version of it’s PDF editor “Infix”. The software is designed to do the heavy-lifting of PDF editing tasks such as search and replace, text-reflow, conversion and translation whilst being remarkably easy to use.


“Up until now users have had to go down the virtual Windows route if they wanted to use Infix PDF Editor on the Mac.” says Guy Bushnell, MD of Iceni. “Now we’ve packaged it up with help from CodeWeavers into a standard Mac disk image, it’s a no-brainer for Mac users who want to make complex, deep edits to PDFs without leaving a trace”.


Infix pricing runs from $30 to $159 for the Pro version. A trial version is available for download from