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Infix Makes Translating Easy

I work in a translation agency and I receive various document formats for translation. Among them, PDFs are a real nightmare. Continue reading

Infix aids editing landscaping plans in under 2 minutes!

Thanks a lot for application! Very easy to use and really effective! Infix helped me to edit the pdf file in my university and not to type it again. Because this is the first pdf editor which I tried that did exactly what I wanted in under 2 minutes, without me having any prior experience with it at all. That was after spending a good few hours looking for and trying various different pdf editors from all over the web. How frustrating!

I must confess there was one other pdf editor that also did what I wanted, but it was all in German so took several minutes of trial and error to figure out, and plastered water marks all over my pdf. The other editors either crashed or were so basic they wouldn’t let me do the one thing I wanted…

My task was really simple. I have this landscaping plan which I now want changed slightly. It is in pdf format, and all I want is to replace “paving as selected” by “permeable paving” in a label pointing to the yard. That’s really simple, you’d think. At least I thought it would be.

While other pdf editors choked on this, the Infix PDF Editor just worked. Great!


Infix helps engineers manage automation equipment maintenance manuals

I am an engineer at the glass factory in Russia. My main activity is to manage the automation equipment maintenance. Among different things I have to prepare manuals and procedures for technical maintenance. We use many types of machines produced outside our country and I have to translate into Russian many docs “how to”. Most of them are in pdf format. It is not convenient to convert them into *.doc because in many cases it is enough just to add comments in Russian and add some pages comments or photos from other sources to make the described in the pdf procedure clear for our technical staff. Moreover many pdf to doc convertors change the structure of the final document practically not editable. Very often it becomes necessary to merge some pdf’s. That’s why I prefer to use the Infix Pdf Editor which completely satisfies my needs. I recommend this convenient software to all specialists doing similar work.

Infix помогает при редактировании PDF

Всем привет!!! Хочу выразить разработчикам программы Infix огромную благодарность!!! на днях надо было отретктирровать документ в формате PDF но программы такой не мог найти!!! Подсказал друг и дал ссылку на скачивание!!!!я и представить не мог, что можно в отсканированном документе вставлять текст!!! программа превзошла мои ожидания!!! Я с эконромил очень много времени при работе сInfix,если бы не эта программа мне бы пришлось ждать несколько дней когда приедет коллега и препечатает документ!!! Еще раз болш=ьшое спасибо разработчикам!!!



Infix makes applying for jobs a breeze!

Hi !

I am writing to express how impressed I am with the Iceni Infix PDF Editor.

As a guy who is applying to a number of jobs these days, I have to create different PDF files for each job depending on what the employer wants to see in my resume. Many of them have formatting related requirements for PDF files.

Earlier I had a stock CV on a *.doc file which I would modify every time and print to PDF. I would then open the newly created PDF in Adobe Reader to see if it looks OK. That is 3 steps and took at least 10 minutes per CV.

Now, with Iceni’s Infix PDF Editor, I directly open the PDF file I had created previously, edit it, save it and send. Boom ! I am done.The software offers you many modes – from advanced features to the simplest features, these modes have everything anyone can need to fulfill their PDF editing or modifying needs.

This has simplified life much for me, and I can’t thank the creators of the software enough. Definitely a keeper, and a must have.

-Harman Hundal

Third time lucky with Infix

Hi, this is the 3rd time I have downloaded something to fix my PDF files online. And the previous experiences were awful. The first one I did was not able to insert any picture at all. I spent double time and cost to install the software, no use. The second time, I was glad that there was a lot more function than the previous first download, but it turned out to be very very rough design on selecting different texts and contents, it drove me crazy.

But, luckily, the 3rd time with Infix, everything works so smooth, and it turned out to have everything down very quickly, and efficiently, I really recommend this great software for those who are searching for a solution to edit PDF files.

– Qihang

More power to Infix’ Find & Replace functionality

I had 72 PDF files of satellite antenna patterns to modify. Surprisingly, my version of Acrobat X Pro had no find and replace capability. I started searching for a solution to PDF find and replace text in batches and found Infix Pro PDF Editor. It is perfect for editing, finding, and replacing text data in a multi-level directory file system. I selected the top level directory which had six sub-folders with 12 files with all unique names. The program identified and modified all the PDF files and ignored the text files in the same directories that I did not want to modify. Each find and replace on 72 individual PDF files took less than two minutes for all 72 files! Amazing PDF editor!

-Chris Nichols, USA

Infix helps users fix and convert Word files to PDF format

It’s a great program. Often I get information in PDF files, which should rule. It’s all sorts of documents related to my work. If not for this program, I would have to manually retype all of the text in a Word, bringing to fix and then convert them into PDF format. With such a great program, I can immediately correct this in pdf format. This greatly facilitates the work and saves even more time and nerves.

-Nataly Makogon, Russia


Editing Chinese PDFs


– 刘伟

Translated, this testimonial talks about how easy Infix is to use and edit PDF documents with!

Replacing embedded fonts in PDF

I used Infix PDF editor to fix a problem with font embedding.

The problem was simple – I had a long (250 pages +) ready PDF file compiled of a number of separate shorter PDFs from multiple authors, with multiple fonts used. Part of the fonts were such that I do not have on my computer and such that require a license (non-free fonts). These caused a problem, because I needed all fonts to be embedded in the file, but getting the fonts re-encoded with all fonts embedded was out of the question. At the end of the day I had 6 different fonts to be “taken care of” with hundreds of occurrences all over the long document!

I tried a number of tricks and hacks, but nothing seemed to work, then I found Infix PDF editor that allowed me to _easily_ find and replace the problematic fonts used with non-problematic fonts automatically, with an automated feature of the Infix PDF editor software. After replacement the problematic and unusable file became usable and my problem was resolved very easily.

My situation was in “natural” language in English that is the text was not mathematical characters or the sort – for that circumstance Infix was a perfect tool.

– Mikael Collan