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Don’t kill trees – use Infix!

Many users today know how to get their forms and documents converted to PDF format. However, they lack the functionality to have the form useful in a digital format. I’ve lost count the number of PDFs that I have received as a form with no form fields.
Infix has allowed me to take the frustration out of killing a tree to fill the form and use old technology, like fax, or loose quality rescanning it in to send the completed form back. The word processor interface allows me to naturally and easily modify the document by adding the information into the areas where the form fields should have been. My returning forms would be clean, clear, and stay in high quality.
For legal documents, this works great with DocuSign uploading the form and signing the document. Together, the PDF with the edits from Infix and signature form Docusign, the process looks very professional.
– Eddie Hui

Martial Arts with Infix

I am a martial arts instructor and needed a quick and easy way to create and edit my flyers that were in a PDF format. A friend of mine let me use his computer and a Program called Infix. I found this program very user friendly and it fit my needs perfectly. I am not very computer savvy, yet I found this very easy to understand and quick to learn.
I have tried to locate programs like this in the past, and have had little success. It either cannot do what I need or is too complicated for me to learn how to use it.
Adding pictures was a breeze, and my flyers looked like I had a professional do them, as for invoicing, again no problems there. By using this program I will be able to take control of my own flyers and invoicing issues and will be able to save myself time and money.
I have recommended this software to several other people I know who need something of this magnitude to help with their business and/or personal life.
Thank you Infix.
– Joe Bowers

Infix aids future medical practioners!

I’m a student at medicine and one day i was browsing for a anatomy atlas and i found one in PDF format. I needed to extract some illustration for my research project on “Bipolar disorder”. Converting it was out of [question] due to incredible loss of information, pages layout\font shifting occurred in process of conversion.

I found Infix by chance searching for “PDF editor”. I was very pleased to see how easy is to use and how many details I can change and\or extract from PDF without conversion or damaging the original composition.

On another occasion I was assigned to create student passes for my course mates at the university.The PDF format for those was mandatory. Creating the base model was easy. When I had to add pictures, names & dates Infix PDF editor from Iceni was very, very useful and the only one I could use to interact and modify as needed.

Now I use PDF Editor as my only software for viewing, editing and printing pdf files. No need another software for pdf’s.

Thanks !
– Bogdan Ioan

Feedback – Form filling made easy with Infix

I am an attorney with over 30 years of litigation experience. More and more courts are using PDF forms on filed cases. One of the problems I have encounter over the years is with the PDF forms. They can be very difficult to edit or add text to. In the past I would convert the PDF file to either a Word or WordPerfect format and make the revisions. I would then convert the file to a PDF file. The problem with this approach is the converted file many time{s} would not be formatted properly. This would cause additional revisions taking a lot of time which could be very hectic if a deadline is coming due.
One day I discovered this wonderful software called Infix. Infix allows you to edit any PDF file like a word processor. You have read this right. You can just click on the document and start making the changes. When you are finished, it is formatted perfectly. As a result of the ease of this software, many hours are saved in the revision process.
Infix will pay for itself in the first week of use in my opinion. I highly recommend this software.
– Dennis A. Burke

Feedback – Amending sales orders

Hello Guys!
I use infix to amend my sales orders which SAP Small Business generates for me. I use that document to confirm orders to customers (with dollar amounts) and for production (where I have to eliminate the $ amounts for confidentiality reasons). We don’t write separate production orders.
It also comes in handy for all the PDFs I receive from clients where I have to amend text. It saves me time as i don’t have to go back to the client and ask for word docs.
Overall a great product!
Wishing you all the best,
Chris Kull

Feedback – Chinese translations using Infix

I am a college student form China. My teacher gave me a task that to translate a professional manual from English to Chinese. The manual file is a PDF file not the doc file I am familiar. So I tried to search for the corresponding editing software to edit the text. Of course I tried the Adobe’s software first, but I find it difficult to change the text in the text box because of the code of each font is different. And I can only remove the original text box and place a new text box on it. But thus I can’t keep the original composition.

And then I tried Infix software, it can satisfy what I want, easy to make several different code of fonts in a same text box. Most important is that the edit procedure is similar to Microsoft Word which is known for almost people. Then, I finished my work easily, and introduce the Infix editor to my teacher and my friend. Now I am working on my task paper using Infix PDF Editor.

Thank you all your crew very much!
Happy Chinese New Year : )

– Jingmiao Zhang

Feedback – Research student, “Mr.Infix”

Being a research student in the area of advertising & content management, I am involved in modifying and creating a lot of documents on a day-to-day basis. It was a pain to modify or add even a small text in a PDF document for re-usability until I discovered Infix from Iceni Technology.
I am currently using the trial version (soon to be upgraded! – ed.) which makes my life so easy. It allows me to do my content editing work very fast and efficiently. I could now use my time more on the actual research rather than spending so much time running around for PDF document editing.
Now-a-days, in my institute, lots of my co-students and my professors, are very keen to use Infix for their work. Even some of them started calling me as Mr. Infix and I am liking it.
Thanks Infix for making my life better.
– Ash Barman

Feedback: No need to convert PDF in order to edit – Wow!

Wow! It’s hard to overstate the usefulness of this amazing product, “Infix PDF Editor”.
My primary need is the ability to edit the text in a PDF document. Some experts recommend you convert your PDF to another format, such as Microsoft Word, and perform your edits that way. The problem with this approach is that, when you convert back to PDF, you will invariably lose or destroy the formatting of your original PDF file. So that’s not a practical approach.
This problem vanishes with “Infix PDF Editor”, because it can edit text in your PDF document WITHOUT CONVERTING IT TO ANOTHER FORMAT. What’s more, it will handle the flow of text across your document, so everything still looks proper. In addition, you can insert comments, adjust font formatting and colors, insert text-boxes, links, highlighting, page-numbers… the list goes on. Plus it has drawing tools, like object layering and automatic alignment. It has tools to help you correct OCR errors. You can insert entirely new pages, and add page-numbers. It even has global search and replace.
This product has it all!
– Johny Why

PDF Editing for small businesses

I am a life coach guiding students and career oriented professionals. I am doing Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test for which I am taking finger prints and submit the data to another company. That company sends me reports with their name and logo. I am paying them full fees for these reports and several times I have requested them to give me the reports branded with my name but they would not. Then at last I got the solution in the form of Infix PDF Editor.
I tried and used it for editing certain reports. I am now able to delete the name of the other company and insert mine instead. At the same time I can edit fonts and highlight certain points as per my and my client’s wish. I can now also decorate the reports the way I need and can give them an attractive look.
Within a very short time I am launching my Website and Blog. I do it myself using weebly website creator. And even in this task Infix will really be very very useful.
For persons like me who are doing everything for themselves to save money, this software really is excellent. Moreover when I start publishing blogs I will include a link to it. Even my cousin who is London-based and working with a financial institution recommended me the same software.
Thanks a lot Infix!
With regards,
Bharggav Adhyaroo

Translating PDFs into French – User Feedback

Thank you! I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with your software.
As a company based in France, working on behalf of an English company, we are required to translate many advertising and informative PDF’s into French. We have previously tried many other versions of PDF editing software but none have proved as versatile a utility as Infix PDF Editor, from it’s ability to do simple things (like changing fonts, something missing on so many editors!), to dealing with our more advanced requirements, it has handled everything with ease.
When you compare the cost against most of it’s competitors, the easy to use layout, the sheer number of options, you quickly find out that this is a very impressive piece of software. Congratulations to you on providing such a well rounded product, we have already started to recommend it to clients and friends and will continue to do so.
Again thank you for saving us money, time and most importantly our sanity.
– Andy Walsh