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Country Spotlight: Netherlands

The Netherlands is a small yet densely populated country and is the second largest exporter of goods after the United States. Ruled as a Kingdom by current monarch Willem-Alexander (since 2013), the country has been responsible for producing some of the world’s tallest people – men average a height of 184cm and women 170cm! On a more serious note, the Netherlands has also been the home of many different inventions and famous personages, including: Continue reading

Tech Round-Up – August 2014

The new, the not-so-new and the updates – a roundup of technology August 2014.


New DSA2LS from Shuttle


The DSA2LS from Shuttle is a small form factor desktop running on Android. Completely fanless, it can run 24/7, as it has an idle power consumption of just 4 watts, as well as a 1 GHz dual core processor, 1GB of RAM and 4GB internal storage. Low end this machine may be, but perfect for tasks such as playing media, monitoring and automation. Continue reading

A worm in space?

The International Space Station (ISS) orbits the Earth at 17,500 miles per hour approximately 220 miles from the planet’s surface. A scientific wonder and a demonstration of a collaborative project between numerous countries, the ISS was created to enable us to expand our knowledge through experimentation and observation and to provide a base from which missions to the moon could possibly take place in the future. Teams of scientists from various countries visit the station, with the average posting as a crew member on board lasting about six months.  Continue reading

French Flag

Country Spotlight: France

As the fifth largest global economy by nominal GDP and the largest country in the European Union (EU) by area, it is little wonder that France is recognised as a major power internationally. The second most populated country in the EU overall, the commercial centre of France is the capital city Paris, the metropolitan area of which has a population of 12,292,895. Boasting Europe’s second largest economy, France is home to 31 Fortune Global 500 companies and is known for its industry, energy, agricultural and tourist sectors – all of which can, and do, benefit from effective PDF editing software. Below we celebrate some of France’s top inventors, companies and innovations:

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Thirty-three years since the IBM PC introduced MS-DOS

MS-DOS occupies a prominent place in the history of PC operating systems. An abbreviation of Microsoft Disk Operating System, it was widely used prior to the introduction of Windows in 1985. The program was initially requested by IBM, who required operating software for a range of personal computers. MS-DOS 1.0 was launched by Microsoft on August 12 1981, having been adapted from 86-DOS, which was written by programmer Tim Paterson for Seattle Computer Products.  Continue reading

Country Spotlight: Germany

Boasting the largest national economy in Europe and with a strong leaning toward engineering, manufacturing and the service industry, it is little wonder that Germany is one of the top markets for PDF editing software. We feel it is important to explore some of the major contributions German inventors and companies have made to the wider world, so below we explore just some of their famous scientists, engineers and innovations.

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Anniversary of the Rejection of the EU Software Patent Directive

The subject of software patents remains a complex and controversial one and in July 2005 the EU Software Patent Directive, a draft law that was 3 years in the making to provide a consistent and coherent approach to the granting of patents within the EU, was rejected by the European Parliament with a majority vote of 648 to 14.

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World Intellectual Property Organisation

The 14th July 1967 marked the formation of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) a self-funding United Nations Agency whose headquarters are now located in Geneva.  The mission of the WIPO is “to lead the development of a balanced and effective international intellectual property (IP) system”, in addition to encouraging creative activity and promoting the protection of intellectual property on a global basis.  At present it has 187 Member States and offers support and advice to Governments, businesses and individuals in relation to IP. Continue reading

iPhone Back Image

A Look at the Rumours Surrounding the iPhone 6

The internet is rife with rumours and speculation regarding what Apple will bring us in the much anticipated iPhone6 release.  With June and September historically being Apple’s chosen months to launch previous models, and iOS8 having already been introduced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, September is looking very promising for the arrival of iPhone6 which is generating ever increasing levels of interest.

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Image of IBM 650

IBM Announce the Model 650 Computer

In July 1953 IBM announced the release of the IBM 650 Magnetic Drum Data-Processing Machine, and such was its success that nearly 2,000 units were produced earning it the title of the world’s first mass-produced computer.

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