6 Ways to Embrace Your Geekness

Today is “Embrace your Geekness Day” in America, and, being quite geeky ourselves (we are software designers after all!) we wanted in on a piece of the action, so we’ve come up with a few ideas for how to embrace the geekness within!


Take a look at your clothing. Does it scream “geek” to you? If it doesn’t, then you need to make some changes. Find a pocket protractor and, well, pocket it. Add a calculator for good measure. Tie big bows in your shoelaces. You’ll look geeky in no time at all.


Accessorise again
It’s not only clothing you can mod up. You should think about buying a man bag, or if that’s a bit too cool for school, how about a backpack with big pockets and a laptop poking out of one corner. Just be sure to padlock to the zip for safekeeping!


Talk in tongues
Programming language is a wonderful invention (some more than others). Not only can you create great programs with it, you can also use it in everyday speech to really confuse those around you, except your fellow geeks. Try asking an XMLHttpRequest of someone, or writing someone a letter about your favourite book, complete with rel=Author markup – that’ll get them!


Use computer accessories in everyday life
What better use for an old floppy disc than as a tea coaster, or even a scratched CD (we all have them lurking around!). Hanging your old, finally beaten PS/2 rollerball mouse on the wall instead of a picture is perfectly acceptable, and why shouldn’t you use your old desktop shell as a storage unit for all your paperwork. Some of us have even built desk ornaments from old keyboard keys, and card castles from storage cassette holders – the possibilities are endless!


Keep in touch with your inner child
Nothing spells out a geek more than he who knows all the old tricks and cheats to complete Pac-Man or Pong. Nothing spells out Ultimate Geek more than knowing how to code a clone game yourself to amuse the kids or your work colleagues, so let your inner geek and child mix.
PS – completing Pac-Man is technically impossible due to bugs in the game – so don’t try this at home.


Encourage others to embrace their inner geek, too
Sharing is caring and we think that it’s important that everyone with an inner geek (and let’s face it, that’s most of us), should feel free to stand up and express it, not only on defined days but whenever they feel like it. So spread the word, spread this post, and lets all stand up in geek unity on Embrace Your Geekness Day!

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