3 Uses for A PDF Editor in the Printing Industry

The printing industry is a lucrative one, even in today’s modern age, and there has never been a better time to tie the processes of digital creation and physical printing together than as we look forward to a new year of advances in technology and innovation. The world may be moving more and more into the digital age but printing still plays a massive part in media and communication, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Effective working and innovative ways to cut time spent on processes are key to continued success, not only to this industry but all industries, and one of the ways to cut time spent on editing digital documents prior to the printing stage is using a dedicated editing program. Typical platform word processing programs have editing functionality inbuilt, but documents such as PDFs do not, and these are the files that typically give the most headaches, especially when working to a tight deadline.

Situations where a PDF editor is essential!

Flyers often form the backbone of a marketing campaign and are printed in their thousands on a daily basis to be handed out. Mistakes on a printed flyer could be the difference between a lead and a non-starter, so it is essential that any flyers given out are 100% correct with their message, spellings, grammar, typefaces etc.

If errors are found just before print and there is no time for a redesign, or the flyer is only available in a PDF format, using a dedicated editing program to reformat the text, correct typos, change the message etc is the best to way to ensure the flyer goes to print on time and accurately!

Editorial Changes
Editors have to oversee and approve all media before it goes to print, and accessing PDF documents is not an uncommon way for editors to see the files in their entirety. Any mistakes found at this stage will be highlighted with the view to being corrected prior to print, and editing within the PDF is by far the quickest and easiest way to get this done effectively, without missing any deadlines for printing

Vouchers, such as High Street Vouchers, are popular throughout the year and follow a template for print. Often though, there will be changes made to this to incorporate things such as T&C changes, seasonal designs or monetary value changes, and when this occurs, again they will need to be checked and proofread prior to print. Any changes required at this stage can be made within them if they have been saved as PDF documents, and quickly then resent to the editor in question before printing

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