1-step PDF Invoicing

Infix has saved me hours of work each week that I have wasted over the years!
Before Infix, I would use Microsoft Word to create and edit invoices, convert the file into a PDF, and then send the invoice to customers. Now, I simply open and edit a PDF invoice with Infix, save and viola! Invoices are ready to be sent with a few simple clicks of my mouse. No more opening another program and then converting to a PDF.
The same is true with all the forms that I create. It has always been a multi-step process. Opening Word or Excel, creating or editing a file, saving the file and then converting to a PDF. Now with Infix, all the work is done with one program.
Infix has truly streamlined my work and has shaven off hours of work each week.
Thanks Infix- you’re indispensable to me now! Just wish I had discovered you sooner!!

– Evelyn Lee

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